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How It Works

how it works


How It Works Table of Contents:

I. Registration and Login

II. Subscription Plan, Payments and Cancellation

III. Posting Hotels

IV. Editing, Deleting and Hiding Hotel Postings

V. Adding Your Contact Information in The Hotel Inventory's Exclusive Directory

VI. Featured Hotels on The Hotel Inventory Website

VII. Sponsored Hotel Postings

VIII. Video Marketing Presentation and Featured Video of the Week

VIV. Email Marketing Campaign

X. Summary of New Features on The Hotel Inventory

Registration and Login

Having a free account on The Hotel Inventory will allow you to:

When logging into The Hotel Inventory, you may opt to remain logged in by clicking on the "Remember me on this computer" box. This will keep you logged into the site until you log out.

Subscription Plan, Payments and Cancellation

A paid subscription plan on The Hotel Inventory will allow you to post unlimited hospitality properties for sale for $49.99 per month. To access our secure payment page, you must be a registered user on The Hotel Inventory. (register here | login here) As part of your subscription, each hotel that you post on The Hotel Inventory will be included in our weekly newsletter titled "New Hotels on The Hotel Inventory". The distribution list as of December, 2012 is over 12,000 unique hoteliers.

Payments are processed by PayPal, a highly trusted online payment gateway. Once you have completed the transaction, you will automatically be charged the same amount on the same day every month. example: if you start your subscription on December 12th, your next payment will be January 12th.

You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us at 650-200-3058. We need you to call in so that we can confirm that the cancellation is being performed by the authorized user. You may also email us at cancel@thehotelinventory.com from the email address associated with the account. 

Posting Hotels

How To:

1 - Log into your account on TheHotelInventory.com/account

2 - After you have logged in, there are several links to the Posting Pages. You will be directed to the property forms if you have a paid subscription plan with The Hotel Inventory.

3 - Please watch this short video on posting a hotel on The Hotel Inventory. (Posting a Hotel Video)


Editing, Deleting and Hiding Hotel Postings

From your account page, you will see your hotels in a list and you will find option next to each hotel that you have posted on The Hotel Inventory.


If you need to make any changes to your current hotel postings, you can use this link to access the posting pages for your hotel. You can use these pages to make any necessary changes to your property posting.


In case your hotel is sold or taken off the market, you can easily delete your hotel from The Hotel Inventory's database. Please delete with caution. Once deleted, the property will no longer be available and cannot be retrieved.


In case your hotel needs to be taken off the site for a short period of time, you may opt to "hide" the property instead of deleting it. This will keep the hotel from showing up in search results. However, anyone with a link to the property page will still be able to access the hotel posting.


Include Your Information In The Hotel Inventory's Directory

How To:

1 - Log into your account on TheHotelInventory.com/account

2 - Click on "Go to my Account Page" found on the upper right hand corner of the page.

3 - Once on your account page, click on "edit profile" located next to your email address. 

4 - Add/Edit your profile information. Make sure to complete all fields with an asterisk (*).

5 - Make sure to check the box under the Fax number, which will permit you to make your profile public. 


Featured Hotels on The Hotel Inventory

You may opt to give your hotel a premium spot on our homepage by making it a featured property. The homepage has 12 reserved spots for hotels and you may add a hotel in one of the spots for a 1 week period price of $99. This page is the first place that a majority of our visitors look at and the 12 hotels on this page will be the first ones that a visitor sees. Increase your hotels impressions by opting into this service plan.

To order this service, or any other service from The Hotel Inventory, please visit our Products and Services Page (must be logged in as a paid subscriber to see proper page): Products and Services


Sponsored Hotel Posting on The Hotel Inventory

Sponsored hotels are the first three hotel postings that you see on The Hotel Inventory's "View All" List. These three spots can be purchased for 1 week at a time for $99. The "View All" page is the second most visited page on The Hotel Inventory. Increase your hotel's exposure by opting into this service.


Video Marketing Presentation and Featured Video of the Week

YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google. Take advantage of the lack of hotel for sale videos on YouTube by adding your own. The Hotel Inventory can create a video presentation for you using images that you submit. We will add a voiceover, sounds and transition effects. Please visit our YouTube channel for examples. Video production starts at $199.

The Hotel Inventory's homepage has a single spot for a featured video of the week. You may opt to gain attention by featuring your video for $99 per week.


Email Marketing Campaign

The email marketing campaign is our most popular service. It is different from our weekly newsletter in that only one hotel is featured in the email. It is sent out to over 12,000 hotliers worldwide with a single property focus. The price of this service is $299.

You may opt to feature your hotel on one of our weekly newsletters for $99. Other hotels will be included in the newsletter but your featured hotel will have a prime spot with a picture.


 What's New On The Hotel Inventory

What's new on THI